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About Me

What makes me qualified to talk about money management?

May Chiu

Founder & Financial Coach, Money with May

My financial journey began in high school when I accidentally opened a Macy's credit card (more about this at another time). I was scared....I kept thinking "What did I do? I'm not responsible enough to own a credit card yet. I can't believe this happened to me." I apprehensively told my mom, afraid of what she would say. When I did, all she said to me was "Don't close it. Keep this credit card open, make a purchase or two on it and pay off the entire bill on time." That was the first piece of financial advice that I ever received.

I knew after that, I had to learn more about how to manage my money. Never again did I want to experience that kind of worry and uncertainty. I worked multiple internships and part-time jobs while in undergraduate school to keep costs down and build up my savings. I opened a Roth IRA right after I started a full-time job and contributed the maximum every year. I built myself a budget template in Excel and have been tracking my expenses to hit my goal of owning an investment property by 30 (I had 3 before I hit 30).

Now, I'm here to teach others how to achieve their financial goals.  Having the right tools and committing to simple strategies is all it takes.  There's nothing more powerful than feeling secure about your future and that is how I want all of my clients to feel.

money with may founder & financial coach

What We Offer

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Tools & Templates

Our variety of budget templates help you with planning for a wedding, buying a home, retirement and more!

virtual 1:1 financial coaching

1:1 Virtual Financial Coaching

Unsure of where to start or what comes next in your financial journey? Book a 1:1 financial coaching session where we lay out an actionable plan unique to you.

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Free Tips & Tricks

New blog post weekly filled with lessons learned and tips & tricks for all, no matter where you are in your financial wealth journey.


Virtual Workshops

COMING SOON. Learn at your own pace with a workshop designed to teach you how to shift your money mindset, define and track your savings goals, how to invest your money, and more!

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