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Live Your Stress-Free Life

With our financial coaching program, you can live without concerns on how you'll be able to afford paying down your debt, buying that dream home or retiring early.

Why does personal finance matter?

Imagine working very hard for years on end, setting aside what you can, and by the time you’re considering retirement you find out that your nest egg isn’t nearly enough.  This is a common revelation for too many people, and unfortunately our society has deep financial woes beyond retirement.  Over half of Americans are not prepared for a $1000 emergency.    

Every day there’s some media outlet flashing an eye-catching headline with a fact about millennials. Well here’s a headline, Millennials have yet to capture 5% of wealth in the nation, far less than what baby boomers had at their age. When it comes to my generation, it seems the options are 1% or bust.  

       What if I told you that there isn't just a gender pay gap in this country, but there is a wealth gap too? Women make up half of the workforce in the United States, yet women only own 32 cents for every dollar a man owns. Personal finance is even more important for women who have to work harder to bridge the wealth gap. This topic is so crucial, yet it's something we were never taught in school or at home!

   I am here to change that.

Understanding how to manage your money will not only help you achieve your financial goals, but it will also improve your overall emotional wellbeing.  Manifest the visions you have for yourself by taking action right now.  

My goal is to set you up for success through customized tools & templates, tailored financial coaching and masterclass courses (coming soon!). You will feel confident in your ability to manage your money and have it working FOR YOU.

What We Offer


Tools & Templates

Our variety of budget templates help you with planning for a wedding, buying a home, retirement and more!

1:1 virtual financial coaching

1:1 Virtual Financial Coaching

Unsure of where to start or what comes next in your financial journey? Book a 1:1 financial coaching session where we lay out an actionable plan unique to you.

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Free Tips & Tricks

New blog post weekly filled with lessons learned and tips & tricks for all, no matter where you are in your financial wealth journey.


Virtual Courses

COMING SOON! Learn at your own pace with a workshop designed to teach you how to shift your money mindset, define and track your savings goals, how to invest your money, and more!


"The annual & monthly budgeting template is so easy and intuitive to use. Budgeting has never been easier!"

"May has been amazing in helping me understand what is preventing me from hitting my monthly savings goals."

"Budgeting templates are usually so manual. The budget template May offers is so easy to use. It helps me visualize my spending habits and pinpoint areas where I can improve!"

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